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Now that Odd Couple is done but for the bookkeeping, it’s on to the next couple shows…

As soon as I can confirm the rights & get the appropriate contracts signed, we’re aiming to do William Nicholson’s Shadowlands.  The story follows C.S. Lewis as he meets an American fan, Joy Gresham, whom he befriends and eventually marries. Shadowlands also is about his struggle with personal pain and grief – finding that the simple answers he had preached of acceptance of pain in life can’t apply for every situation.  Karen Grierson has pitched the show to TenBareToes and we’re really excited to bring her in for the production and as our first non-Nita show. The aim is to perform Shadowlands at the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre (which hosted us for The Odd Couple) next May.

As for myself, I’ve started what will likely be a longer process.  I am planning on mounting Brian Hooker’s translation of Edmund Rostand’s classic, Cyrano de Bergerac.  The show will require a huge cast as well as a large stage, not taking into consideration for the moment of the time that we’ll have to invest in stage combat practice.  This will be a longer rehearsal process than normal due to the the stage combat and I’ll be looking for a larger theatre space to work in – I have to confirm, but there will be roughly 20 people with swords swinging at one point.  We’ll want to make sure there’s LOTS of space for that.  Dates for that will be likely later in 2012 – first I have to find that space…any leads people have are incredibly welcome.

So that’s the plan for now. First things first – waiting for confirmation of rights from the proper people for Shadowlands and to put ink to paper for the theatre rental.

Thank you to the audiences that came out to Odd Couple – your laughter made it incredibly rewarding for all of us.  Thank you to my cast & crew again for everything you did – you poured your hearts & souls into that show and I cannot explain exactly how much that means to me.  I am incredibly lucky to have such amazingly talented people to draw from.

Keep an eye out here for more workshops & notices of things happening in the area.  Good night for now.

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Yesterday, P & I went to see Cyrano (he missed it due to family matters last month, so I grabbed us cheap tickets for going again).

Closing performance. Very much closing performance - yes, it was everything it should have been, but moments were held a little more, a little sweeter yesterday.

My favourite?

When De Guiche is explaining that NO ONE could retrieve his white scarf (his mark of rank) from the battlefield that was held by the Spanish, Cyrano pulls the scarf out of his pocket.

When we saw it early October? He put his hand in his pocket and presented the scarf.

Last night?

It was almost teasingly slow - at least until the first flash of white came out of the pocket, and when the audience reacted, the two actors held the moment.

It was glorious. It was very much the Gascony arrogance and bravery that is Cyrano.

Mr. Feore? Thank you for letting me see my hero breathe again. You earned my tears this time.
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Not the best sound quality, nor the best shot choices, but...

The extemporaneous poem while he duels.
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