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Signal boosting [ profile] much_ado's very good post about KWLT:

many of you know that i and several of my friends are involved with a local theatre troupe here, Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre ( [ profile] quicktongue's wife theAngel is currently directing "The Importance of Being Earnest", which opens tomorrow, and involves several members of my FList. the next mainstage show on the docket is [ profile] the_nita's "Three Musketeers", which also includes a number of LJ folk in the production. next season, i'll be directing "Dangerous Liaisons". so everyone who reads here is, in a way, connected to KWLT through one or more of us, even if you don't realize it and will likely never be local enough to come see a show :)

KWLT is still rebuilding their home facilities after a 2002 fire, which means we're always in need of funds. as doing t-shirts via Cafepress has recently come up as a fundraising idea, we're now in need of some creative help to design some cool shirts. we've been using the legend, "The Show Will Go On", as we're (i believe) the only theatre company in ontario that has continued to produce full seasons in spite of the loss of our permanent space - it's the biggest reason *why* KWLT is still rebuilding five and a half years later. we've been insistent on maintaining the show schedule rather than taking a concentrated time to rebuild, lest we lose momentum as a company.

we're appealing to the broader public for support, both in terms of straight-up financial contributions, pointers to deep pockets we can approach, and now artistic help for further fundraising initiatives. there are a lot of talented artists on my FList, so i'm appealing to you directly to entice you to help design a fabulously cool t-shirt design for this theatre company. bonus points if it's a transportable design we can also incorporate into posters and flyers we're going to distribute around the region. we can offer design credit and our undying gratitude, and i personally will guarantee you a free ticket for life to any KWLT show i'm involved in if we use your design :)

if you'd like to know more about the company, including the story of the fire and rebuild efforts, please visit if you'd like to kick around some ideas about designs, email me; if i can't answer your questions, i'll put you together with someone who can.

anyone who has been reading my LJ since i was first accepted to direct last season's "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" for KWLT knows how much i enjoy this company, and how important it is to me that the show really does go on. anyone who reads [ profile] the_nita will understand how KWLT can become like air we breathe.

if you can help us keep this fabulous theatre company on track and finish the rebuild, you'll be doing a wondrous thing, and i can't tell you how many people will thank you for it.

Like I said - she's good at this speaking through the written word - so much more so than yours truly - Nita

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