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I think if this LJ ever dies, I'll move to a WP site.
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Been listening to people I know talking about the Black Bloc riot attacks. What disheartens me (beyond people being wantonly stupid in the situation and hurting people on either side)?

That both sides of the philosophical equation are using it as proof they were always right.

Those that thought there would be riots and that the security measures might be justified are looking at the rioters and saying "We were right to be scared."

Those that thought the riots would be staged to justify the security measures have started speculating that the rioters were on a payroll somewhere.

I take a deep breath and think that the only people who know the truth are the people who created the damage - and pray that I don't know anyone with so little regard for their fellow man.

I wish that it wasn't so, but the divide will get no smaller because both sides seem to see things to suit what they want to believe. I grok deep heartfelt emotions. I just don't happen to like this.

Flame as you will, if you will.
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There are two things I'm considering doing next September.

1) Royal Medieval Faire - RMF to those who are familiar with it. Is a one day performance, primarily in improv format, loosely based around an existing script. Would be a chance to branch into another area, clean up my improv some and my fight more if I audition as an actor. Would be interesting to do director/SM again as well, though I think I'd need to try to be a little more involved in the process earlier on if I did that. While it's a one day performance, rehearsals are 1 or 2 nights a week (likely more if I'm fighting) for a couple months, plus 2 VERY full days prior as we set up. I also have a couple friends (and one in particular) that are trying to egg me on for this.

2) The Weekend to End Women's Cancers, formerly known as the Weekend Walk to End Breast Cancer (they've found enough crossover in the research that they're expanding the walk. Means committing to raising $2K (done before twice, shouldn't be the hardest thing ever), as well as training next summer (while I'm trying to get Shrew up - and one of the things I learned during Musketeers last year is that training PLUS a show tends to eat all my time (including that which I should spend with my family). But the Walk also means a lot to me - that part of me that says "hey, this isn't that much of my life and it can mean so much to someone else". It's also the weekend before the Faire. Which gives me exactly 3 days to recover from the Walk before I could do the Faire, if I did both. And I have a friend who's doing the walk who wants to know if I'm walking too.

So I have a conundrum. Which do I commit to? Can I commit to both, in good conscience? Probably not - see the earlier comment about spending time with my family....

Yah, I know - some of you are rolling your eyes now saying "Nita, that's not for another 11 months" but that's how my life goes - figure out what the commitments are down the road, then start backing through the schedule to figure out when I have to start getting my act together, then put in time for Nita's classic stall techniques, and then I'm good.

Do the thing that's right.

Do the thing that is fun.

Go with one friend.

Go with the other.

However, I'm invoking Rule 14 - I'm tired, in pain, and not perfectly well. I'll decide this later, but at least I have the start of an internal monologue about it....
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So I'm driving in this morning.

I pass a bus. The graphics on it's side catch my eye.

It's covered in graphics of either couples or parents & children giving the driver (aka, me) the eyeball for not paying attention to the road. It also has questions ("Do you deserve the STARE?") and instructions ("DRIVE to stay ALIVE", "Fill out the questionnaire at").

It's clearly a PSA campaign and the marketing geek in me goes "points for getting me to remember three of the phrases, and what the images were of."

The PSA geek in me goes "but did you have to put it on a bus where it would be incredibly distracting?"
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I'm going to take the opportunity of a quiet lunch hour to enjoy some yummy food & dive into the next script. I might as well get the buggers on paper and out of my head...

(anyone want to make me an icon for shrew??)
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It is what it is. I cannot change the way people think on a universal level, merely on a person by person basis, and not always then either. Getting my knickers in a twist, while likely, isn't helpful. People have the abiilty to stun me with their breathtaking brilliance. The corollory of that is that they can also take my breath away with their utter cluelessness. Neither should be a shock, nor should they be something to beat myself with.

Revel in the ones you know, trust, and respect. Learn to find more like them. Do what you can to change what is around you. Don't get bent out of shape when you cannot. That way (we've watched it, Nita...we know) lies madness.

Morons abound. Life continues. It is what it is.

Leave it at that.
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Ken Epp, an MP in Alberta, is putting forward a bill (going into it's second hour of debate today at 11am ET) to make it a crime to harm or kill a fetus during the attack on the pregnant woman carrying it

Conceptually, I have to say I agree.

Granted, this is a Conservative MP from Alberta. Which has the liberal part of my soul searching in the corners for the catch that would eventually use this piece of legislation to make it illegal to have an abortion, or perform one. Then again, the information on that page seems to make it clear that he's specifically trying to avoid that.

People harming women so they cannot have their desired children does bother me enormously - anyone who's seen the white knight complex I have knows that damned well.

Problem is, this government has pulled so many damned fast ones on the people of Canada that I also have trouble taking any "good works" of theirs on faith.

More thinking & reading ahead, methinks. Not that I can really change this - I believe it goes for a final vote on Friday, if I'm remembering the CBC interview correctly. I suppose if nothing else, I can get on the horn to my MP's office and tell them what I think.

After all, what's a White Knight Complex for if you don't try to do what's right?
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I've been doing some thinking since the glamour shoot pictures started going up. What I perceive as "what I look like" and what the cameras capture are different. Really really different. Which is odd, given that I look in mirrors all the time and don't experience this dissonance. My initial theory is that it's a non-moving thing. Much of how I perceive anyone's face is by how it moves.

This isn't a "I think I look worse/better than the camera takes" - it's like it's a different person entirely, one that may only be tangentially related to me. It's often like looking at pictures of someone I have heard about, maybe, but don't know.

I need to do some more thinking on this before I can come up with anything coherant, but I figured I should toss it in the brain stack for percolating before I walked away from it going "Ah, well - yah - what else is new?"

Hmm...need to be able to verbalise what I think I look like, what I am seeing in the photos, and where I feel the difference in appearance is. And not be wedded to my "motion" theory.
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I'm very very tempted to take a friend of mine up on her current pristine condition professional portable massage table.


If nothing else, I suspect I'd be damned popular for a while.
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I spent a good bit of time last night having someone pick apart my reasons, arguements, etc for getting more involved in my local theater company.

Have some new research points to get answers on, and started that process.

We see where we go from here.
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I've pretty much established that Noises Off will be a nightmare at St. Jacobs. Registry's not available for when I want to work on it.

I'm now eyeing my copy of Deathtrap.

I need to reread it, but I know this was on my "someday, why not" and I think it's got a chance of being commercially successful, which is what KWLT's AD has asked me for.
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I've been doing a lot more looking at ads recently, thanks to my schooling.

Johnson Controls (basically, they do building systems integration) has an interesting ad trying to show their wide range of size of clients they can deal with. They're using a "caution, kids crossing" sign, slightly tipped, and a shot of the Pentagon, lined up so that half of each forms a full pentagon.

Interesting juxtaposition for the ad. What caught my eye though was the photo itself of the Pentagon is blurry. Part of me is wondering if it's just a "using stock footage and someone didn't consider that when this was blown up to full page size, it would look like crap. Part of me is being cynical and paranoid and saying "Of course the Pentagon won't allow high res aerial photos of it. Duh.
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I saw an interesting idea the other day while watching Food TV.

A desert that was presented to look like a cup of hot chocolate, whipped cream piled high on it, with a small spoon in the cup for mixing.

It was actually a mocha-chocolate cake, baked individually in the mugs, with a marshmallow that had been flavoured with Grand Marnier and piped to look like whipped cream. the spoon was a cookie. They served it with a small shooter of butterscotch rum sauce.

I liked the idea - basically a modern day subtlety (theoretical medieval practice of making one food look like something else).

I'm toying around with doing something like this.

Trying to think of what I could make things look like.

What would you like to see arrive at the end of a lovely meal as a "finish" - talking eye appeal here, not what you want to eat
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Thinking thinky thoughts lately.

Thanks to a quotation that I passed on to [ profile] much_ado recently, I've been thinking more of my earlier dabblings in Buddhism.

Think I need to get me another book.....
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One of the phrases I've heard most of my (adult) life is "How come you can do that and I can't?"

My usual response? "Because I'm me."

Anyone who knows me knows what I am on a basic level. And what to expect. And what that if I'm pissed with them, I'll tell them. And if I don't understand something, I'll ask. And that I don't have a lot of time for beating around the bushes to protect someone else's sense of self-worth, if I think that they need to know something.

I'm not actively cruel. I'm also not going to suffer an idiotic situation.

And everyone knows that.

How come I can do this?

Because they do know.

And because of that, I can be me, and not have to apologize for it. Anyone who doesn't like it can register a complaint with the management. If you're important enough to me, and I'm willing to change that part, I'll do something about it. If not, no harm, no foul, we both walk away.

The only headache is, this means I have no clue how the rest of you do it.
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What's the opposite of paranoid?

We'd thought it was naive, but then the opposite for naive to us was cynical, which isn't the same thing as paranoid.

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I am considering taking up kung fu.

Couple reasons:

  1. Spending time doing something that [ profile] woodardp likes to do - more "in common" stuff to talk about (especially since there hasn't been theatre for a while)

  2. Need more exercise in my life

  3. Discipline wouldn't hurt

  4. Adult time

Just not sure on a couple things. Need to talk to the head instructor - curious about tendency toward arthritis combined with a plan (within the classes) to deliberately build bone mass. Not sure about my own ... well known ... temper affecting how I do thing - don't want to go ape shit on anyone and get my ass handed back to me. Minor budget issues.
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