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Now that Odd Couple is done but for the bookkeeping, it’s on to the next couple shows…

As soon as I can confirm the rights & get the appropriate contracts signed, we’re aiming to do William Nicholson’s Shadowlands.  The story follows C.S. Lewis as he meets an American fan, Joy Gresham, whom he befriends and eventually marries. Shadowlands also is about his struggle with personal pain and grief – finding that the simple answers he had preached of acceptance of pain in life can’t apply for every situation.  Karen Grierson has pitched the show to TenBareToes and we’re really excited to bring her in for the production and as our first non-Nita show. The aim is to perform Shadowlands at the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre (which hosted us for The Odd Couple) next May.

As for myself, I’ve started what will likely be a longer process.  I am planning on mounting Brian Hooker’s translation of Edmund Rostand’s classic, Cyrano de Bergerac.  The show will require a huge cast as well as a large stage, not taking into consideration for the moment of the time that we’ll have to invest in stage combat practice.  This will be a longer rehearsal process than normal due to the the stage combat and I’ll be looking for a larger theatre space to work in – I have to confirm, but there will be roughly 20 people with swords swinging at one point.  We’ll want to make sure there’s LOTS of space for that.  Dates for that will be likely later in 2012 – first I have to find that space…any leads people have are incredibly welcome.

So that’s the plan for now. First things first – waiting for confirmation of rights from the proper people for Shadowlands and to put ink to paper for the theatre rental.

Thank you to the audiences that came out to Odd Couple – your laughter made it incredibly rewarding for all of us.  Thank you to my cast & crew again for everything you did – you poured your hearts & souls into that show and I cannot explain exactly how much that means to me.  I am incredibly lucky to have such amazingly talented people to draw from.

Keep an eye out here for more workshops & notices of things happening in the area.  Good night for now.

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So – auditions for The Odd Couple were last week.  And as you may have seen if you’ve looked on the OC site recently, we have a cast.

First read through was Sunday and I have to say, the chemistry makes me very very happy.  Along with watching the actors break themselves a few times giggling as they read what they’ll be saying for the next few months (over and over) and get some of the brilliant humour and innuendo that exists in this script.  I’m going to have a lot of fun with this group.

That being said, when I contacted people, I asked them if they could keep mum until I had the whole cast.  And then because I didn’t get enough sleep Saturday night, I completely forgot to tell them that it was cool to tell the world that they were in the show.

So they, being good actors, kept quiet. And then asked the SM when they could tell the world they were in the  show. She asked me and I might have hit my forehead a few times.  Then I told the actors to go ahead…

The last little while has been a little crazy for me – between ramping up for the show, plus going through a learning curve at my new “pays for my life” job, it’s been very busy around here lately.

So my technical staff gets to thump me a little because I’m behind (but catching up!) on items that I promised them a while back.  For instance, Chris, my TD, who’s also my set designer, got me a set design a quick couple days after I took forever to get back to him on what it was that I wanted in the set to begin with.

And Ginevra, my props mistress, just got an email with the link to the massive props list – let me tell you one thing about this play – there will be LOTS of stuff for the cast to tinker with on stage.  There are 85 pages to the script, and I think there’s over a prop per page – possibly closer to 2.  Fortunately, most of it is pretty straight forward and easy to find.  I think I even have something that can stand in for the Pure-A-Tron.

I have a few more ducks to get into rows, as rehearsals start on Sunday, so I still have a little time…

I might even get some sleep in there somewhere.


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Planning on coming to the Odd Couple auditions?

You can fill in your audition form online to save yourself time!

(My stage manager is all kinds of awesome for getting this done!)

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I know I say that I get to work with good people a lot.  I do because it’s true.  One of the things that makes this all possible and all a LOT of fun for me is that simple fact.

Today’s “good people” aren’t theatre types at all.  One of the comments I get the most from them is “theatre is your thing – you explain what you need from that perspective”.

If you look around you at this site, and at the sub-site that was for Shrew, you’ll notice a lovely cohesive look.  The look and feel of this site and all the coding/design work that was done for it was done by Design & Develop.  Two years ago, I went to a meeting with Opal Gamble, their Development Director, to discuss how to bring TenBareToes to life online.  I had a messload of random ideas of what I wanted to be able to accomplish:  sell tickets through the site, have a central place to be able to put promotional material online, talk about the theatre company and hopefully talk about theatre in general.

She walked through all of the ideas with me and was able to extract from my artistic ramblings something that worked.  Her partner, Paul Sveda, was able to take my blowsy notions of what the graphics for the site & the inaugural show should be and give me back something that was gorgeous.

More than all of that?  They believed in the project – they heard the passion in my voice & words for TenBareToes and they knew their business enough to trust me in mine.  That – that’s worth gold when you’re starting something new (and a little scary).  Someone who knows their stuff enough to let you give them the hard work you don’t know and trusts you to do the stuff you do know well.

We’re in early discussions (setting timetables and the like) for The Odd Couple and I was just reminded how much I enjoy working with them.

If you ever do a project, get good people that are talented at what they do.  It makes life a heck of a lot easier…

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