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I know I say that I get to work with good people a lot.  I do because it’s true.  One of the things that makes this all possible and all a LOT of fun for me is that simple fact.

Today’s “good people” aren’t theatre types at all.  One of the comments I get the most from them is “theatre is your thing – you explain what you need from that perspective”.

If you look around you at this site, and at the sub-site that was for Shrew, you’ll notice a lovely cohesive look.  The look and feel of this site and all the coding/design work that was done for it was done by Design & Develop.  Two years ago, I went to a meeting with Opal Gamble, their Development Director, to discuss how to bring TenBareToes to life online.  I had a messload of random ideas of what I wanted to be able to accomplish:  sell tickets through the site, have a central place to be able to put promotional material online, talk about the theatre company and hopefully talk about theatre in general.

She walked through all of the ideas with me and was able to extract from my artistic ramblings something that worked.  Her partner, Paul Sveda, was able to take my blowsy notions of what the graphics for the site & the inaugural show should be and give me back something that was gorgeous.

More than all of that?  They believed in the project – they heard the passion in my voice & words for TenBareToes and they knew their business enough to trust me in mine.  That – that’s worth gold when you’re starting something new (and a little scary).  Someone who knows their stuff enough to let you give them the hard work you don’t know and trusts you to do the stuff you do know well.

We’re in early discussions (setting timetables and the like) for The Odd Couple and I was just reminded how much I enjoy working with them.

If you ever do a project, get good people that are talented at what they do.  It makes life a heck of a lot easier…

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