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So – auditions for The Odd Couple were last week.  And as you may have seen if you’ve looked on the OC site recently, we have a cast.

First read through was Sunday and I have to say, the chemistry makes me very very happy.  Along with watching the actors break themselves a few times giggling as they read what they’ll be saying for the next few months (over and over) and get some of the brilliant humour and innuendo that exists in this script.  I’m going to have a lot of fun with this group.

That being said, when I contacted people, I asked them if they could keep mum until I had the whole cast.  And then because I didn’t get enough sleep Saturday night, I completely forgot to tell them that it was cool to tell the world that they were in the show.

So they, being good actors, kept quiet. And then asked the SM when they could tell the world they were in the  show. She asked me and I might have hit my forehead a few times.  Then I told the actors to go ahead…

The last little while has been a little crazy for me – between ramping up for the show, plus going through a learning curve at my new “pays for my life” job, it’s been very busy around here lately.

So my technical staff gets to thump me a little because I’m behind (but catching up!) on items that I promised them a while back.  For instance, Chris, my TD, who’s also my set designer, got me a set design a quick couple days after I took forever to get back to him on what it was that I wanted in the set to begin with.

And Ginevra, my props mistress, just got an email with the link to the massive props list – let me tell you one thing about this play – there will be LOTS of stuff for the cast to tinker with on stage.  There are 85 pages to the script, and I think there’s over a prop per page – possibly closer to 2.  Fortunately, most of it is pretty straight forward and easy to find.  I think I even have something that can stand in for the Pure-A-Tron.

I have a few more ducks to get into rows, as rehearsals start on Sunday, so I still have a little time…

I might even get some sleep in there somewhere.


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