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TenBareToes Entertainment returns this April 2011 with the Neil Simon classic, The Odd Couple, performing at the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre.

Following 2010’s critical success, Taming of the Shrew, Anita Kilgour and the TenBareToes company is looking forward to taking the stage again, this time with a strong story about the joys and the pains of friendship.

“Oscar & Felix are iconic images of the love/hate relationships room…mates and friends can get into,” says Kilgour. “Even with the sheer frustration that Felix brings into his life, Oscar tries for a long time to keep his friend from doing something desperate.” Both men are dealing with the aftermath of being left by their wives and each finds his own way to deal with it. “I’m looking forward to contrasting the two – Felix and his passive- aggressive demands for attention opposite Oscar’s adamant insistence that everything is fine, even as his apartment falls apart around his ears.”

Open auditions will be taking place January 24th, 25th & 26th, starting at 7pm at MC2054 at the University of Waterloo. Please see our website at http:/ for more information.

Cast requirements:

6 men, 2 women, adults only, please

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Anita at

Performances are April 14-16, 21-23, 28-30 all at 8pm at the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre, 9 Princess St. E., Waterloo.

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