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(Since it opens tomorrow)

For me, it's an honor to have someone ask my opinion on the work they have done as a director. Especially when they ask for it when the work is still in process.

A few weeks ago, [ profile] persephoneplace asked me to come see the show and provide some play polish. I went and spent an evening with the cast about 2 weeks ago. It was my first time doing any kind of play polish for someone else and it was an interesting experience (and one I hope I get to repeat - if nothing else, the experience of picking apart another director's mind for "why did you make that choice?" was a lot of fun).

I have to be honest - I didn't go in expecting to like it. Margaret Atwood isn't an author I enjoy, nor do I normally enjoy feminist dark plays. I'll also be honest & say that it still isn't my cuppa - Atwood isn't an author I'll ever spend a lot of time really grooving on.

That aside, the show is good. Jessica, who plays Penelope has possibly one of the most brutal parts I've seen in a while - a goodly amount of what she does is monologue, which is hard to do. She engages the audience, letting them have that window into the heart & soul of a woman who finally has perspective on what happened to her.

The communal chorus characters use that communal mouthpiece in really interesting ways. As if their lot in life as the maids had forged them into a single mind, there are many of their speeches that nicely come out as a single thought with many tongues. Add in that they are also all the secondary characters in Penelope's tale and you have something that is occasionally difficult - switching from lusty suitor to servile maid to saucy sailor with little more than a heartbeat between.

It's not an easy play. I applaud the ladies for the work they have done. Here's hoping they get the audience they deserve.

Information & tickets here
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