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Hello all!

Just a reminder of the upcoming free Improv workshop being taught by the lovely & talented Karen Lucas on October 19 at 7pm.

Karen has been saying yes to improv for over sixteen years. She performs regularly and teaches workshops with Waterloo’s long running improv troupe Theatre On The Edge. Karen has also run an improv camp for children and designed workshops using improv to promote self discovery. The tools learned in improv are great for the stage and for life!

This workshop is Improv for actors (and wannabe actors). Learn some basics of improv and how to use those skills to navigate the challenges of live theatre. We’ll cover the basics of improv and then get into some fun applications for the actor. How to get through a scene when someone has forgotten their lines, prop or set malfunctions, or other unexpected happening on stage. This workshop will be fun and functional!

Karen is also one of the founders and driving forces behind the Royal Medieval Faire, this Saturday at Waterloo Park. The faire draws on the improv skills of its performers as they create a magical medieval day in 21st century Waterloo.

This year, the Royal Medieval Faire will take place on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 from 11am – 6pm in Waterloo Park West. Admission is $5.00 per person, $2.50 for children 10 & under. This event is suitable for all ages and has something to offer everyone. The admission covers everything in the park except vendor merchandise, food and beverages. It is a great day for the entire family and those interested in history and the arts.

The Improv workshop will be held at Karen’s studio space at the Globe Studios, at 141 Whitney Place in Kitchener. Her studio is unit 13/14 (the bright yellow doors), towards the loading dock end of the building.

There are still a few spaces available for this workshop, so make sure you book yours today!

Don’t forget our Props & Gripping workshop on November 16th and a quick heads-up on the January workshop – Set Design with Chris Rovers on January 18 – details to come!

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